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Q System Klon- Keycloak Impact

Nach dem Q Klon wurde der Client Secret von lokaler App geƤndert.
In welchem Oracle Schema wird Keycloak Configs, Clients usw. gespeichert?
Ist es notwendig ein backup von client json in Keycloak zu machen, wenn ein DB Klon gemacht wird?

Posted one year ago
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This should not happen. But it is very important that oidc config in production differs from the one used on other instances (e.g. dev). If this was the first cloning operation maybe the new config will stay the same from now on. Please check again after next clone.

Keycloak Data is in CO_EXT_KEYCLOAK.

Saving Keycloak json config does not make much sense since installing clients only will not work. Only full realm export/import is working (would override all client configs, <-- don't do this)

Posted one year ago
Lucas Reeh
108 × 4 Administrator
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago