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Get Accesstoken for tests

I am trying to write some backend tests where I would like to use the "real" person. Is it possible to get the access token using Restassured for an employee? Then use it to call the users/subject api or any api that has the @Authenticated annotation?

Posted one year ago
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Hi Anand! There are a lot of ways to test quarkus applications (including/mocking auth).

You can always get a "real" token for a real user with restassured, but i highly recommend not to do that, at least not against external auth server resources.

This might look something like this (simple oauth2):

  public static String getToken() {
    return RestAssured
        .param("grant_type", "password")
        .param("username", "admin")
        .param("password", "changeme")
        .param("client_id", "your-client-id")
        .post(KEYCLOAK_SERVER_URL + "/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token")
        .as(AccessTokenResponse.class).getToken(); // class from keycloak library

You should at least have some kind of dev keycloak running for your tests (https://quarkus.io/guides/dev-services#keycloak). This can be done manually or using one of built in quarkus features. I recommend reading up https://quarkus.io/guides/security-keycloak-authorization#testing-the-application.

The better way to test your rest application is to mock authorization (with any kind of user you have). This looks something like this:

	// ....

    @TestSecurity(user = "anyservice", roles = {"public-holidays.read"})
    public void testGetDateWrongFormat() {

You can "fake" all your token information without having the need for any auth server process.

Btw you should do the same with your database: Having a "Mock" Database makes running CI Tests way easier and you can turn on continous testing in quarkus: https://quarkus.io/guides/continuous-testing.

Posted one year ago
Lucas Reeh
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