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Cache RestAPI Responses


würde es sinn machen, die UserPermissionRestService API calls zu cachen? Da es bei jedem Subatomic Request abgefragt wird, kann man es über den Cache holen.
Generell, wäre es sinvoll für jede Supersonic/Subatomic App eine Cache zu haben?
Was hält ihr davon?


Posted one year ago
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I am afraid there is no right or easy answer to this question. Quarkus has an easy caching option https://quarkus.io/guides/cache, but it does not scale. There are a million solutions out there for caching. Depending on your needs there will be a ready to use framework. Some examples would be hibernate caching, infinispan, elastic search (index) and so many more. There is also a solution provided in conx-framework using browser cookies to cache roles and permissions. This might work only for frontend roles. Maybe in your case i simple application scoped cache with short lifetime might be a way to go.

cheers luke

Posted one year ago
Lucas Reeh
108 × 4 Administrator