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Get course curriculum positions including deprecated studies

I am trying to query all curriculum positions of a course using the /rest/slc.cm.curriculumposition/positions/{courseId}/course/notStudiedCurriculumPositions endpoint but it is excluding the studies which are deprecated. E.g. computer science version 2009 is no longer shown but only version 2023. However, in the SPO tree it is still shown to be a valid module for version 2009 (and for logged in users who are enrolled in that study it is also still shown under rest/slc.cm.curriculumposition/positions/{courseId}/course/studiedCurriculumPositions).

Posted one month ago
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Hi Nils! I am very sorry but I am afraid this question is way too domain specific to be answered here. My advise is to contact CAMPUSonline Support directly with this question or ask CAMPUSonline responsible person at your university to delegate the question. Sorry for that bad news. cheers Luke

Posted one month ago
Lucas Reeh
108 × 4 Administrator

Do you mean the contact listed here: https://www.campusonline.tugraz.at/en/services/support ?

Nils Kattenbeck   one month ago Report

Yes, your ZID (Central IT Services) at your University should have an account for that service portal, where such requests are handled. You can also try to contact support directly but I thing this might take longer.

Lucas Reeh   one month ago Report
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