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Unable to change language


I notice that I am unable to change the language for my app at localhost. Though nothing has changed in my application, the language change option is not working. i18n usually loads the en.json, but it doesn't seem to happen anymore. Is this to do with any of the desktop apis that might have changed at CO end?
I also see that you have upgraded to Angular 14 in the supersonic example.
Could you please let me know if I should rebuild my frontend with Angular 14?


Posted one year ago
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Language change (inside your application) is not affected by desktop APIs. It is a local feature. Perhaps some previous js errors lead to loading issues (check developer console).

Regarding angular 14 upgrade: Yes it is recommended to upgrade and rebuild is done by your dev environment (if set up in your angular.json and package.json) or you CI if you have. There should be guide for merging upstream changes. Coming soon in COnX Info

Posted one year ago
Lucas Reeh
108 × 4 Administrator

Since I am still in development, I was thinking I will just download the new supersonic archetype with the 1.3.1 Snapshot and move my source code into it. Feels somehow easier. Do you see any downside to that?

Anand Natampalli   one year ago Report

Great idea, seems easier!

Lucas Reeh   one year ago Report

Ok thank you!So I'll wait till tomorrow for 1.3.1 :-) .Btw you were right about the console error for language. The en.json had missing commas :-(.

Anand Natampalli   one year ago Report

Is the 1.3.1 Snapshot coming? Or is there a change in plan?

Anand Natampalli   one year ago Report

The newest release 1.3.0 is ready now.

Lucas Reeh   one year ago Report
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